Verve Credit Card – Online Application

Why Get The Verve Credit Card?

The Verve credit card is offered by Mid-America Bank & Trust and Continental Finance. 

This MasterCard is aimed toward individuals who have bad credit or for those who have no credit as a way of helping them build up a line of credit. 

Below is more information about the Verve MasterCard and why it may be the right card for you.

The Verve credit card application will be limited. An all around rewards credit card could be a better option as you can use it anywhere. You might also want to look at the best alternative credit cards below.

Are There Any Annual Fees?

Yes, this card does have an annual fee, which is common with cards that are design for people with bad credit. In the first year, the card charges a $125 fee. 

This fee is charged as soon as you activate the card. After the first year, you will be charged $96 a year. There is also a $10 monthly fee. This brings the total amount of fees to $216 a year, after the first year.

What Other Charges Are There?

When applying for this card, you may have to pay a refundable security deposit. In general, a refundable security deposit isn’t a bad thing. In fact, many credit cards aimed at individuals with bad credit ask for people to pay a security deposit.

Typically, credit card companies ask for security deposits in an attempt to shield people from high monthly fees. However, the Verve MasterCard uses security deposits to give you a way to increase your line of credit. In general, the large the security deposit, the higher your line of credit.

Your base deposit amount could be $50, $100 or $150 based on your creditworthiness. If your credit is decent, you have the potential to get the card without a security deposit.

How Much Spending Power Does The Verve MasterCard Offer?

The card starts you off with a $500 credit limit. 

Your spending power, however, is only $375 when you consider that your account is charged $125 for an annual fee as soon as you activate the card. 

That being said, a $500 credit limit is good for people with bad or no credit.

This amount should be enough to cover most modest emergencies. Additionally, $500 isn’t enough to get people in a lot of trouble should they fall behind in payments.

Can You Increase Your Credit Limit?

This is an opportunity to increase your credit limit with a refundable security deposit. You can place a deposit of up to $2,000. 

However, you only get this opportunity after making on-time payments for three months.

How Does the Verve MasterCard Stack Up to the Competition?

You can’t compare the Verve credit card to other top-of-the-line cards. After all, this one is aimed toward people with bad credit. Since it’s design for people with bad credit, the card charges a yearly fee to help protect itself.

If you’re looking to build credit, then you should focus on a card that approves easily. In this regard, the Verve credit card does it’s job. Thanks to it’s security deposit system, nearly anyone can be approved for this card.

Apply for the Verve MasterCard today if you have bad or no credit. Do plenty of research before applying to make sure that it’s right for you.

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