www.getmyollocard.com – Get The Ollo MasterCard Offer


– Is the official site for the Ollo MasterCard offer.

If you received an invitation in the mail to apply for an Ollo MasterCard you can simply follow the instructions on your invitation. You also have an option to just fill out the application and mail it in. Generally though the online process is quick and easy and a better option.

How Do I Apply Online?

Generally it is an easy process to fill out the online application.

You should have an internet connection and meet the minimum requirements. By receiving the offer you have been prescreened and can just follow the steps below.

1) Visit the site at www.getmyollocard.com

2) Enter the reservation number on the invitation you received.

3) Now enter your access code.

You would then click submit and continue.

This will be followed by you entering the personal information they request over their site.

At the end of the process you will find out whether you have been approved or denied.

If you are approved you will get you card in the mail and will activate it and can start enjoying the benefits of the Ollo MasterCard offer.

What Are The Cool Features That Come With This Credit Card?

The offer you received at www.getmyollocard.com is for an Ollo MasterCard. Below we will breakout some of the features of the card.

There are actually 2 different credit cards you should be aware of when applying. The Ollo Rewards MasterCard and the Ollo Platinum MasterCard. The rewards card has an annual fee of $39, but does give you some additional rewards you do not get with the platinum.

The first perk that I like is the fact that you get a free FICO credit score available to you online. This is a great way to track and improve your score overtime. The more information you have in real time the better you can get your credit score to improve.

The second great thing is their are no over the limit fees, no foreign transaction fees and no annual fee.

You will also get automatic credit line increase reviews. There is also 0 fraud liability.