Total Visa Credit Card Review

The website for a credit card invitation for the Total Visa Credit Card is

When you get a Pre-Approved Total Invitation with confirmation number in the mail, it offers potential applicants the opportunity to apply for an Total Visa Card credit card.

The Total Visa credit card is issued by Midamerica Bank & Trust. It is generally for credit applicants with poor or fair credit histories.

Does Total Visa Report to The Credit Bureaus?

The Total Visa® Credit Card is basically an unsecured card that does report to all 3 credit reporting agencies.

Do I Need The Total Visa® Credit Card Reservation Code?

If you are going to accept the mail offer and want to apply for a Total Visa® Credit Card you will need this.

When you go to their site at you will be asked to enter your 8 digit reservation code.

You will then fill out the information requested to apply and get a decision.

Do I Have to Pay Fees Associated With This Visa Credit Card?

There are a few fees that come along with the Total Visa® Credit Card offer.

First off there is an $89.00 processing fee to open an account. You must accept this fee before being able to access your available credit.

There is also a first year annual fee of $75.00 that is deducted from your $300 credit limit. So when you first get your credit card the available limit will only be $225. Each year thereafter you will pay a $48 annual fee.

There is no monthly servicing fee until the 2nd year of having the Total Visa® Credit Card. In the second year the servicing fee is $6.25 per month.

Pros of The Total Visa Credit Card?

Let us just admit, this would not be your first choice for a credit card. But, if you do have bad credit and want an unsecured credit card to rebuild credit, this is an option.

Since you have bad credit they are going to charge you more upfront fees as well as a high interest rate. The tip here is obvious, never carry a large balance on this credit card. As soon as you get it you should pay off the annual fee that will be automatically charged when you open it. Then each month after that you will want to keep the balance around $30 and no more.

This is mainly due to the debt to available credit ratio the credit reporting agencies look at. Your credit limit is only $300 and you cannot get a limit increase for 6 months. So if you want to run a small balance just to show you are using the credit, $30 is a good number or 10% used of your available balance of $300. Make sense? Great!

So the Pros of this credit card is just the fact they make available to someone with bad credit an unsecured Visa credit card option.

Cons of The Total Visa Credit Card?

The main cons of this Total Visa credit card is that it has a really high processing fee, annual fee as well as a monthly maintenance fee in the 2nd year. The key would be to get your credit score higher in the first year and then apply for a lower cost credit card before the 2nd year.

You will also find the interest rate to be around 29.99% which is really high. Again this is all because they are taking a risk with people with bad credit scores. The key tip to remember here is to always pay this card down to your $30 balance level. You will be carrying a balance to build your credit score, but will pay minimal interest while doing so.

Are There Alternative Online Options?

You can use a credit card comparison site where you can search for the best credit card for any credit rating. Find the apply now button at the top of this article.